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YEAR : 2013, VOLUME : 1, ISSUE : 2
We will be celebrating India’s 67th Independence Day on 15th August. This national journey must be celebrated with a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment. We have travelled so far without any major domestic upheaval, in a more or less, peaceful manner. Our peaceful rise through democratic set up is exceptional. But, our share in current global knowledge common is not commensurate with our share of population, merit and intellectual strength. Though, Indians are known for their talents and accomplishments, why are we still poor in innovations or building new paradigms in academic research? The Indian government realized such lacunae and has established the National Innovation Council to spur innovations and prepare a Roadmap for Innovation 2010-2020. We realize how innovation is the engine for the inclusive growth and prosperity. In an open world system, we cannot thrive until and unless we participate in the competition. The government has declared the current decade as the Decade of Innovations with an objective to create an indigenous model of development suited to Indian needs and challenges. How can Indian model be made competitive if we continue to be mesmerized by the western mode of thinking about the world? Though, we fought for political decolonization world across, the decolonization of mind has still not been achieved. Without rethinking over our current thinking paradigms, we may not bring the desired innovation revolution in India.
The current issue renews the journey of synthetic and innovative thinking from the last issue. The inaugural issue of the Journal was well received. The Journal has received high quality contributions from various universities. This is nothing short of remarkable for a journal in infancy. I appreciate the hard work of the Editorial Board of the JIR in bringing out this issue in time. We look forward to receive quality articles for the forthcoming issues of the JIR.
On behalf of the Board of the Journal, its Editor, and those associated with the Journal, I wish to extend congratulations to the people of country on this auspicious event of Independence Day and wish for inclusive growth, peace and perennial prosperity for the nation.