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Satish Chandra (1941-2004) was born in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. He became an iconic landscape painter. He won several awards to his credit including the National Award conferred by the Indian government in 1989. His palette included all the colours in the spectrum and beyond. Variety of trees was placed in the landscape keeping in mind their importance. The small huts and the people in the canvass almost seem to be real. The birds and the canopy drive the viewer into a different world altogether. He knew how to balance the art form and never used too heavy colors in his painting that might hamper or obstruct the viewers and distract them from the main subject. He knew the importance of small aspects of nature. The beauty of the Indian landscape and villages are very well depicted in his paintings. The men and the women are shown doing their everyday work. He had maintained the everlasting connection between a spectators and the nature. This paper reviews some of his landscape paintings.