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The present study was an attempt to analyze cancer mortality in Srinagar city. Analysis of data reveals that the cancer mortality rate among Kashmiris had increased due to some leading behavioral and dietary risks. There is an alarming increase in cancers. The present study shows that the total cancer patients registered in the cancer death registry were 600 (2006–2016), of which 389 (64.83%) were males and 211 (35.16%) were females. Overall male to female ratio was 2: 1.1.Male deaths were more prevalent than female deaths in case of lung cancer & GIT cancer. Age group of 41-60 accounts for about 44% of the total mortality. Within this age group, around 85 patients died due to lung cancer (32.1%) followed by others (21.5%), GIT (18.5%), blood (15.1%), breast (7. 5%) and ovarian (4.95).