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VOLUME : 5, ISSUE : 3, July-September, 2017 (ISSN No. : 2321-4155)

Emergence of Risks in Absence of ‘Proper’ Policy/Programmes :

A Case of Industrial Development-Induced Displacement in

Hajira Village of South Gujarat

Ankit Patel

This paper argues that in absence of ‘proper policy and packages’, the ‘quality of life’ of the local people in Hajira village near Surat in South Gujarat has deteriorated notably after the industrialization. Industries have given least attention to the resettlement and rehabilitation aspect as a part of their project activity. Still, industrialists follow common practice of taking land, which is the permanent sources of livelihood for villagers, by giving cash compensation, often at low price insufficient to purchase alternative land in the vicinity area. Except few, majority of the local people have not benefited by the direct or indirect opportunities of employment that have emerged out of industrialisation. Out of frustration, the consumption of alcoholism has increased. Environmental problem has become worrisome. It has resulted in compounding health risk. Gender problem has also aggravated. Majority, especially the vulnerable groups perceive that they have become the ‘victims of development’, which often is reflected in the form of frequent protests/agitation. On the whole, people are very much dissatisfied and alienated with the present state of affair which calls for immediate attention of the policy maker and the concerned authorities for the ‘sustainable development’. This calls for re-looking at the definition of ‘affected people’ and the ‘Cash for Land’ policy.
Keywords: Alcohol abuse, Carrot and Stick, Development Displacement, Gujarat Town Planning and Area Development Act of 1963, Halpati, SEBC Commission.