ISSN: (Online) 2321 -4155
ISSN: (Print) 2320 -7000

VOLUME : 4, ISSUE : 1-4, January-December, 2016 (ISSN No. : 2321-4155)
Trends and Patterns of Employment in Technology- Intensive Indian Manufacturing : An Industry-Wise Exploration
Kishor Jadhav*, Satyasheel Dhanle**
The paper explores employment trends and patterns differently based on the industry’s technological classifications. This research suggests that a high-technology-intensive industry increases employment growth rates. Similarly, low-technology-intensive and medium workers gap have widened after the trade liberalization. It is found that major industry groups have witnessed slightly increasing employment growth during the 1989-1990 to 1999-2000.Then declined during the period 2000-01 to 2005-06. This study examines shifts in employment generation potential of different sectors of manufacturing industry.
Elasticity, Employment Growth, High-Medium-Low-Tech; skill-intensive, trade liberalization, Value Added.