ISSN: (Online) 2321 -4155
ISSN: (Print) 2320 -7000

VOLUME : 4, ISSUE : 1-4, January-December, 2016 (ISSN No. : 2321-4155)
Tourism in Himachal Pradesh: An Evaluation of Kangra Region
Manoj Sharma
Tourism in Himachal Pradesh is recognized as one of the most important sectors of the economy. Tourism can provide boost to economic growth for future. The present study seeks to analyze the primary and secondary data collected from the Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh. The major objectives of the study are to examine the purpose of tourists’ visit in the region and evaluate the existing facilities available for making the tourist comfortable. Chi square test, standard deviation and means are applied for the justification of primary and secondary data. The study reveals that the tourist inflow in state over 2006-2012 period has witnessed increase in both domestic and foreign segments. In 2014, the tourist arrival from the foreign countries gradually decreased i.e. -5.93 percent ,while on the other hand arrival of domestic tourists has seen continuous increases and the respective figure for the year is 8.22 percent. This study concludes with a number of recommendations, inter-alia, how the tourism industry regulators and policy makers can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the tourism industry in the state and specifically in the Kangra region.
Chi-Square, Hamirpur, Kangra, Shimla, Standard Deviation, Tourist spot.