ISSN: (Online) 2321 -4155
ISSN: (Print) 2320 -7000

VOLUME : 3, ISSUE : 2, April-June, 2015 (ISSN No. : 2321-4155)
It is a great responsibility to continue an endeavor to “ignite” the young minds to think for a better future. The current issue of the Journal of Indian Research is a veritable feast of ideas. Ambassador Stobdan delves into the complexity of new contours emerging in the High Himalayas and proposes decoupling Ladakh from the irredentist issue of Jammu & Kashmir so that India can connect to Central Asia and further to Eurasia through Ladakh. With the opening of China-Pak Economic Corridor(CPEC), Ladakh should be viewed seriously as a strategic opportunity. The cost of neglecting the regions distant from Delhi has been huge.
Ladakh occupies the crown position on relief map of India. Geologically, this is the oldest part of Indian plate to have joined the Asian plate. When geopolitics has returned with its venomous fangs, the region has gained high significance in strategic calculus.
The Journal of Indian Research has emerged as a site for spreading fresh perspectives in different disciplines. India still lags behind in innovative thinking. Our research centers are bogged down by mediocrity. We cannot excel until and unless we allow fresh breeze of ‘out-of-box” ideas. While the world is grappling with discovery and generation of new life forms, working upon robot-mothers who can identify the fittest offspring and unleash evolutionary bio-engineering in machine-lives, Indian thought-leaders are fixated upon a culture of bans and censorship. We have merely handful of global thinkers and scientists. A culture of boasting and boasting of culture may turn into nemesis of our dreams. It is high time that the academic community transcends the ideological barriers and joins hands together to build gigantic towers of transformational ideas.