ISSN: (Online) 2321 -4155
ISSN: (Print) 2320 -7000

YEAR : 2013, VOLUME : 1, ISSUE : 1

Asia in Post-West Age

Niraj Kumar



The Asian age has arrived. The uninterrupted growth story has been fuelled by new paradigm of growth and intra-regional cooperation and networking. The countries like Australia and Turkey which are on Asian periphery are hankering to be part of Asian growth story. China will soon surpass the US in terms of GDP. Indonesia, India and Japan are the major players of the resurgence story. Though, the US has launched the Asia as Pivot strategy to perpetuate the hegemony, Asian nations are cutting the cord of the global hegemony. The dollar has been replaced from the East Asian region as the dominant reference currency and the Asianization of Middle east oil trade is further replacing the role of dollar from intra-Asian trade. The world is moving towards a tripolar global monetary system. The rise of Asia is multi-dimensional. Asia is fast catching the US in research and technology. The paper examines the multifarious dimension of this complex change and elucidates how the post-western age would be more peaceful and discourage emergence of any belligerent hegemon.


Asia, dollar hegemony, OPEC, Asianization, renminbi bloc, G-20, ADB, virtual economy, steel production, centre of gravity, Wealth Report, urbanization, WIPO, Patents, High-tech industry, Bancor, MENA, ASEAN, China, Carter Doctrine, fracking, Oil-dollar regime(ODR)