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VOLUME : 1, ISSUE : 4,October-December, 2013

Happy New Year and a Makar Samkranti. The Journal of Indian Research complete it's first yera of journey with the fourth volume.the smooth journeyof the JIR was made possible by the efforts of the editorial team, research scholars from across the world and Mewar University and the feedback that we receive from scholars and institutions of repute.

The dawn of New Year also spreads the luminous light of wisdom over the northern most corner of our country. Makar Samkranti brings in auspicious phase of human journey. The Sun moves northward (Uttarayaan). Mewar University has decided to focus northward. It has spread its wings to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. We have established a R&D Centre at Srinagar. Our association with the state of J& K is enduring and deepening. There are nearly 600 students who are Studying our University under the Prime Minister's Scholarship Schem. from the state Majority of students belong to the backward districts like Kargil and Anantanag. MEWAR can be interpreted as acronym for Merit, Excellence, Wisdom, Aptitude and Research. Our focus is to provide higher education to the rural poor in the remotest part of the country.

I am hopeful that the horizon of research will encompass the state of J&K. J& K has been represented negatively for more than two decades. But, this was the centre of wisdom for centuries. The state is the seat of Ma Sharada, the goddess of knowlege . for centuries,seekers of truth flocked into the valley of kashmir . The valley reverberated with Sanskrit mantras, chants and the dialogue among various systems of thoughts. Scholars from Tibet, Central Asia, Bengal, China, and Kerala congregated of refine the thought-processes. Kashmir gave the world one of the most refined Philosophy of Saivism . Today, Kashmir Saivism, is one Most Popular disciplines taught to the students of religion, spirituality and Indology. The works of Abhinavagupta and Anandavardhana are being studied for rediscovering a heritage that can provide succor to increasingly narcissist post-material cultures. Vakyas of 14th century mystic-saint Lal Ded continue to echo in the valley and weave the message of love, compassion and philosophy of transcendence in immanence .

We have received a wonderful work from Professor Jeffrey Lidke on Kashmir Saivism in the current issue which provides an insight into vibrant Kashmir of Yore. We have another brilliant paper by Ambika Talwar on Peace Education. In the New Year, we look forward to spread message of peace in J&K and contribute to our fullest in reviving the glorious heritage of J&K.